offtel uk

Offtel UK is now Ofcom UK

The growth of a country is attached with different sectors. Industrial sector, for instance, is one of the most important sectors that play a big part pertaining to the growth of a country. Different sectors however require different facilities to perform optimally. They require skilled workforce, latest technologies, machineries, etc. When it comes to technology, no one can neglect the importance of telecommunication.

Nowadays, every country is trying to excel in the fields related to telecommunication and so is the UK. In United Kingdom, all responsibilities to promote and strengthen the telecommunication market are assigned to Offtel UK. Offtel is the short form of the Office of Telecommunication. This department was established under the Telecommunication Act 1984.

Offtel UK has always been playing a part in terms of making people more comfortable by offering certain telecom services. It however was considered that Offtel UK have been dominated by British Telecom. It was because of this reason that changes were bound to happen.

Here, it is significant to mention that the duties and responsibilities of Offtel UK have now changed hands. Nowadays, Offtel UK is known as Ofcom which stands for Office of Communications.  This change occurred in the year 2003 because of the consolidation of broadcasting regulators and British Telecommunication. So, Offtel UK is no longer the same but Ofcom is now endeavoring to provide the telecommunication services in an even better way. In fact, Ofcom now doesn´t only deal with telecoms but TV and radio as well. It takes actions for the complaints lodged by people in general.  Apart from dealing with complains, it offers complete information pertaining to television industry which includes broadcasting code, guidance notes, technical requirements, etc.

In terms of radio, things are not different at all as one can easily acquire all types of industry information like radio broadcasting, license advertisements, etc. So, the crux of the matter is that Ofcom UK is just as good as Offtel UK was. In fact, its better!

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